Director Profile:

Mr. Hlakanipha Mbatha

Mkhaziya Services Group is currently managed by Mr. Hlakanipha Mbatha a 42-year-old man who is an entrepreneur, a Chemical Engineer, Technologist, and Quality Engineer.

Hlakanipha Mbatha is a product of Isandlwana, a rural village located 16 kilometers away from Nquthu in the KwaZulu Natal Province. Mr. Mbatha had a passion for being an entrepreneur all his life. His aspirations led him to pursue a career in Chemical Engineering, Quality Management, and Engineering Management, providing him with the collection of qualifications and skills necessary to excel in his life. He has over 16 years experience as an entrepreneur.

Hlakanipha also acquired security qualifications in all grades (A, B, C, D & E). He is fully compliant with PSIRA regulations and has a certificate in Advanced Computing Skills. Mr. Mbatha is embarking on furthering his skills and expertise by obtaining qualifications in Construction.

Director Profile:

Ms. Phumelele Mbatha

Ms. Phumelele Mbatha a 35-year-old woman who is an entrepreneur, a Chemical Engineer, and a Certified Supply Chain specialist. 

She has experience in customer service management, product management as well as long-term demand forecasting, inventory management, and supply management. She has vast experience in production management and people management. She has 5 years experience as an entrepreneur.